Game Console Review – Nintendo Wii

Selecting the best game console that suits the way you play games is very important. Top three gaming consoles have their own specialties and are preferred by different people. If you are looking for a product that will perfectly fit your budget, and the way you play games this article is definitely the right one for you. I will be discussing a top console called Nintendo Wii.

I will be showing you some of the major advantages and disadvantages of this console in order to help you decide whether this is the right one for you or not. When choosing a gaming product there are some things you need to consider such as the price of the unit, the games that can be played, and the features that it offers.

Nintendo Wii is developed by a Japanese company called Nintendo, and is known for developing some of the best consoles of all time. One of the most distinct features of Wii is the Motion Plus controller. This allows the console to track the gestures of the players and convert in to in-game movements in real-time. This controller is the first in the industry and is popular among casual gamers.

Another feature that Nintendo Wii offers is the wireless Internet connectivity. This allows the users to connect to the Internet and download game demos, movies, music, and browse their favorite sites. Aside from this, Wii also has Wii Connect 24 that allows players to stay connected to the Internet and receive emails even while it is in standby mode.

However, Nintendo lacks support from 3rd party game developers, and this is their number one weakness. Without much support from other companies, they are having a hard time developing high-end games with top-notch graphics.

These are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of Nintendo Wii. Watch out for my next article as I will be discussing another top game console called Microsoft Xbox 360.

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